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Re: [BKARTS] Re SPOD Books in the bookart realm ?? !!

Of course self-published, on demand books can be artists' books.

There are already many examples out there. Keith Smith, Scott McCarney and
Clifton Meador have all done many books using lulu.com

Clif has an excellent essay on using lulu to make artists' book. Go to :

Clif sells his books directly through lulu.com. Keith and Scott sell theirs
after having the printing done by lulu and then later in the studio
rebinding them.

Visual Studies Workshop Press long ago switched from offset lithography to
HP Indigo printing, which is just a slightly different form of on-demand
publishing, since quantities as low as one can be printed once the book has
been digitally set up and approved, and all settings saved.

My artists' book classes are using Blurb.com

-Phil Zimmermann 

On 9/17/08 9:25 AM, you wrote:


An extremely interesting set of questions I have not had any SPOD books made
but have given serious consideration to the possibility.

I had not considered them within the realm of  ?bookart¹ or ?artists books¹

But it could be a possibility especially if one were to make ones own
slipcase or container and to amend them to include fold out sections and so

I would really like to hear peoples responses on this.

My initial thoughts were oh no they are not handmade so cant really be
considered but for someone like me who is not the most gifted in terms of
craftsmanship and someone to whom the content would be more my strength

Lets see what people think.

Very rarely says anything on this book arts network  !!

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