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Re: [BKARTS] Blurb Books vs. Artist Books

It pains me to hear people talking of "real" books being only those made by
hand. I completely support the idea not only that SPOD books allow one to
focus more on the content of the book, but also that SPOD may even at times
support the content of the book. Artists are presently responding to
technology and mass production. Such topics may be better expressed with
digital printing and a mass-produced feel than with letterpress and handmade
paper. Then again, maybe not. Every book's content should be supported by
its printing, structure and binding.

In many ways, this is no different than offset printing and outsourcing your
binding, which many artists have done in the past. The question in this
debate to me is not if a SPOD book is still an artists' book if it is full
of content with no evidence of the hand, but if a handmade book is always an
artists' book because the pages have been folded and bound by the artist,
even if it contains little or no content?

-Amanda D'Amico
Philadelphia, PA

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