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Re: [BKARTS] Blurb Books vs. Artist Books

If you want to know a full spectrum of Lulu's printing capabilities, a
bunch of graphic designers created a book called Dear Lulu that tests
everything from type to halftone and more. You can order a copy to be
printed at http://www.lulu.com/content/2726550


> Great topic! I've been wondering about these issues myself.
> I have done three LuLu books and one Blurb book and one Apple iPhoto
> Book. For me they all have different capabilities and quality levels
> and not one of the services works for every book.
> Initially, my plan was to make SPOD books (love the acronym) of my
> books after the handmade edition sells out. Once the handmade edition
> is gone I can call the SPOD book my "second edition" and sell it for a
> lot less money. My Colorado Wall Dogs book sold out first and became a
> LuLu Book and the new edition has been selling very, very well.
> Everyone who wanted the book at $475 but couldn't afford it is now
> thrilled to be able to buy a copy at $30.
> But, now my thinking on SPOD books has evolved. Just sent a new book
> to Blurb yesterday. This new title will be a Blurb book first and a
> more sculptural, handmade version will follow.
> I greatly prefer Blurb's quality for photos, but I like LuLu's ability
> to take a PDF file for all you pages which results in better
> reproduction on the text. Just to make things confusing, each of these
> services have different sizes and different binding methods. There is
> rarely one that is perfect for each book. You also have to watch the
> quality level. I recently sent the same book to three different
> services to see which one was best. Blurb won for quality of the image
> reproduction but lost for the quality of text printing and because
> they apparently print the soft covers with the paper in the wrong
> grain direction which resulted in a cover that curls terribly. This
> was a big turn off.
> Photographers have really adapted to this technology like crazy. In
> fact, I am going to hold a national juried show in the gallery next
> March that will be all SPOD books made by photographers.
> I hope a few librarians will weigh in on this topic. I had not even
> considered selling these books to librarians. I'd love to hear their
> thoughts.
> Happy creating!
> Laura
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> Laura Russell
> Portland, OR
> Visit my art gallery, 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland. More info at
> www.23Sandy.com
> Or check out my personal web site to see my latest artist books:
> www.laurarussell.net
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>> Date:    Wed, 17 Sep 2008 07:42:41 -0600
>> From:    Kevin Thomas <ktbooks77@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Subject: Blurb Books vs. Artist Books
>> Hello Fellow Book Artists=2C
>> I'd like to open up a discussion of self-published=2C on-demand (SPOD?)
>> boo=
>> ks such as Blurb=2C LuLu=2C iPhoto or any other on-line book system.
>> I've b=
>> een dabbling with making a few of these books and and wondering how they
>> mi=
>> ght impact our world of artist books. I must admit that they have really
>> ma=
>> de me think. Of course=2C a SPOD book can never be a substitute for a
>> pop-u=
>> p or sculptural books=2C but for my own work=2C I may never make a case
>> bou=
>> nd book again. It is just so simple to have a SPOD made and then be able
>> to=
>>  move on to making the more fun books. So here are few things I've been
>> won=
>> dering about lately in regard to SPOD books:
>> --Can a SPOD book be called an "artist book"?
>> --Have many book artists dabbled in SPOD books yet? If so=2C what was
>> your =
>> experience? Are you happy with the results?
>> --Can the process of making a SPOD book be as satisfying as making a
>> lovely=
>>  hand-bound edition?
>> --Are SPOD books any less collectible than handmade artist books? Is it
>> the=
>>  content of the book that is important or the method it is made?
>> --How do libraries feel about these books? Are the suitable to add to
>> the c=
>> ollection? Would they be house in regular stacks or in special
>> collections?
>> --Have any artists shown SPOD books next to handmade books at book fairs
>> or=
>>  sales? What has the response been from viewers?
>> I'd appreciate any other thoughts you might have on the subject.
>> Have a good day=2C
>> Laura
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