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[BKARTS] printing papers/Epson

I print a lot of books, full color, on an Epson ink jet printer. Because I use non-traditional sizes, the Epson papers aren't usually an option for me. I did a lot of experimenting with papers I had access to here, at commercial paper suppliers--people who provide papers for graphic designers, newspapers, magazines and so on--until I found papers that worked for me. However, I'm in Argentina and the paper I have access to here isn't necessarily what can be found in other places, and vice versa. I love a matte paper that comes in white or cream called Colorspot. Acid free. It comes in 3 weights. The 150 gram is fantastic for heavy color printing. Bright reproduction, doesn't bleed through, doesn't smear. The János Book on my site is printed on this paper, using the Epson. The advantage to non-coated papers is you don't have a "front and back". When I need the full color printing to be more protected, generally b/c it's on a book cover, I use Renaissance Wax to seal it more. However, I've had very little (no) trouble with the original inks smearing inside a book. What's nice about the commercial paper suppliers is you can get sheets that are 100 x 70 cm, and trim down to lengths or widths you are interested in working with. Experimenting is the solution! 

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