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Re: [BKARTS] Re SPOD Books in the bookart realm ?? !!

Yes, Chad! Beautifully stated. 

As for glicee "prints", I had only to see the word "glicee" in your
message and my blood pressure rose. I practically go ballistic when I see
them hyped as fine art. They're reproductions for Pete's sake! The public
is really being bamboozled. To me a "print" is a hand-pulled woodcut,
etching, engraving, lithograph, and maybe a couple I'm forgetting.


On Sun, 21 Sep 2008 12:15:23 -0400 Chad Pastotnik
<chad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Hmmm, I going to have to weigh against here.
> They may be "Book Arts" in the same sense that glicee posters are  
> "Prints". There is definitely room for them in the market but what 
> are  
> the advantages/disadvantages to them being called "art". If one can  
> sign and number them and charge a elevated price with a little  
> alteration (remember, Thomas Kinkade hand retouches his poster/ 
> paintings to make them "art") then in my opinion buyer beware or at  
> least understand the process. Do they in the end make my books more  
> valuable then to a educated buyer and how many of those are left?
> Are artist books about content or form or function? I think the 
> later  
> two mostly. Fine press books ideally contain all three where the  
> craftsperson has hands on direct control over every element of the  
> creation process and whose only limitations are of skill level and  
> tools, not over what formats are supported by a service bureau.
> Finally, let's consider the archival nature of these things if 
> that's  
> a concern to you at all.
> There's room for SPOD but not in the same realm I hope. Will there 
> be  
> book art shows that will have to exclude such books like fine art  
> shows exclude glicee prints?
> I like the idea of doing a SPOD book as the 2nd edition to a "real"  
> artists book and selling it at a considerably reduced price as a  
> affordable reproduction but then there is no attempt at calling it  
> something it's not.
> Intriguing question though and it'll be an interesting discussion 
> here  
> to say the least.
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