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Re: [BKARTS] SPOD Books in the bookart realm ?? !!

The discussion reminds me of the highly critical  response to Kline,
Pollack, DeKooning and Raunchenberg and the like, eschewing traditional oil
mediums and using commercial house paint or newly developed acrylic paints
to do their controversial and eventually highly regarded  mural sized

I vote for each art work being judged on its aesthetic merits  and OF
COURSE! YES! buyer beware when taking materials into consideration. Many of
those  avant garde blue chip paintings (no pun intended) now need tons of
conservation to keep them from disintegrating into little pieces as they
crack off the surface fabric.  Furthermore, a whole epoch of conceptual art
that deconstructs or just "gets old" the way humans get old, has been put
forth as a philosophical stance...enriching our sensitivities and opening up
the possibility of seeing something that is deliberately not archival  as

My first painting professor at Cooper Union taught us how to grind pigments
and prepare painting surfaces that (he claimed) would remain color true and
hold up for 300 years or was it 500?  I thought of him recently and smiled
when I saw acclaimed work in a museum show painted on an ungessoed
refrigerator carton.  Go figure.

Judith Margolis
Bright Idea Books/ Jerusalem
Publication Design/Fine illustration

Art Editor *Nashim, Journal of Jewish Woman's  Studies and Gender Issues*
University of Indiana Press


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