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[BKARTS] Linen wrap?

I'm having trouble understanding this technique.
Could someone please help explain?  This is from
the conservators statement (dated 1990):

"A wrap-around sleeve made of Irish linen
(from fore-edge over spine to fore-edge) was
attached to spine with water soluble PVA. New
boards attached to the sleeve; paper stuck down
to linen wrap. New leather cover attached".

That's all I have to go on. I don't have the book
in front of me.

Anyone heard of this?  Is the linen turned-in?
Was it to prevent warping? Curious. Interesting. 
But I'm have some "cognitive dissonance" on this end.  :)
The book was printed in 1631 and originally covered 
in vellum, according to the statement.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Winston


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