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Re: [BKARTS] Book or Sculpture?

Uh-oh. This could get become a wild and interesting thread.

JCBA was recently offered a piece by an artist, a solid granite "book" that is currently sitting in a library across the country. All we had to do was pay to ship it here to Florida and it could be ours. But while we accept a really broad definition of BOOK here, this was, to us, not a book, but a sculpture, and so did not fit our mission at all, so we declined the offer.

With a book there is a progression--of time, of story, of some element. We begin somewhere and end in a different place. The granite "book" did not seem to hold this element of bookness for us.

John Cutrone
Programs Coordinator
The Arthur & Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts
Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library
Boca Raton, Florida

On Sep 25, 2008, at 10:44 AM, L Murphy wrote:

So my question is: what defines a book as opposed to a sculpture? Is it text or is it the original intent? Any opinions would be much-valued.


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