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[BKARTS] Trimming Q: bookplane/plough?

Hi list, wondering if you all can help me out here.

I love making small books but recently have been wanting to make larger thicker books but the problem I have is with the squaring up and trimming of denser blocks of pages. I can handle my thinner books and signatures with a knife and heavy straight edge but need something more robust for trimming the journals and memory books I want to create.

I do have a basic lying press, but do not have and have no idea where to get a plough or plane for using with it. Also, it has no raised guide edge or anything for a plough anyway. I can't afford (and don't want to lug into my 2nd floor apt) a guillotine... but i need to make my books look finished and neat! I hate the futile attempts at trimming with a knife/razor/xacto. Consistency is impossible!!!

Are there any resources, advice or techniques regarding trimming the ragged edges of a stack of signatures or just the raw edge of a text block, etc? I don't want anything fancy, just accurate and affordable. i wanted a plane or plough that I could use with the lying press I have but i don't think its possible because of the lack of a guide of any kind. All you experienced binders out there must know someway I can solve theis problem with out breaking my bank or back...


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