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[BKARTS] Trimming Q: bookplane/plough?

We sell a table top plough, called our Vertical Plough Plane.  It is an
excellent piece of equipment, quick, efficient, and easy to use.

As Signa pointed out, you will get a much cleaner edge with a plough than a
guillotine.  When a guillotine makes a cut it does it in one pass, so unless
the blade is in perfect condition you will get small lines across the text
block from chips in the blade.  With a plough the blade cuts through the
text block in a sawing action, so you end up with a glass smooth edge every

The Vertical Plough Plane is a fairly lightweight unit that can be stowed
away when not in use, so it doesn't take up any extra table space.

The machine isn't cheap @ $617, but if you are paying someone else to do it,
it can in the long run save you time and money - not to mention better
results that you have personal control over.

It can be found on our web site here;

Aaron Salik
20 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
212-219-0770 Phone
212-219-0735 Fax

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