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[BKARTS] Paper for hand-printed books?

Dear Book Arts Community,

I am self-publishing a 10-page book of text and watercolor illustrations to sell at a Craft Shop that is eagerly awaiting as many copies as I can send them. I need a warm-tone (i.e. off-white) double- sided paper that will run on an Epson Stylus Photo 2400. I have been using Inkpress Rag Warm Tone 200 gsm, which is a beautiful paper with great reproduction quality, but I am encountering 3 major problems with it: 1) It has to be fed into the printer one sheet at a time, slowing the production to a crawl, 2) it is very expensive ($.72/ sheet), forcing me to price the book too high for the market, and 3) its coating clogs the printer, necessitating cleaning that is expensive and time-consuming. What I need is a thinner paper, still warm in tone and "fine-looking" for watercolor reproductions, but cheaper in price. Anyone out there know of such a thing? Thanks.

- Marilynn

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