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Re: [BKARTS] Adding a pocket in a book cover

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your patience, and for all those who generously offered
alternative solutions.  

Here is the link to the pocket on our website.   Scroll down to the bottom
of the Home page, and you will see the Book Pocket link.  We had to keep the
files large, in order for the text to be readable when printed out, so it
may take a little time for those browsers on a dial-up service to unfold the


The relevant instructions for the pocket are points 7 - 11, and figures 2 &
3.    The rest is irrelevant to the pocket.  It is a very simple design, but
you will probably want to modify it to your own usage, as you see fit.  We
usually make the height of the pocket about two thirds the vertical length
of the book boards.

The picture came from Bookbinding for Beginners, by J. Kay.  Cassell & Co.
[1930].  This author also wrote Advanced Bookbinding.

Best wishes,


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