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[BKARTS] Narrative book art

I am writing an essay on narrative book art, a term that I thought was prominent in our field, until I searched the term "narrative book art." I got exactly one hit. Maybe I broke the Internet. Help me out here.

Example #1

"Minsky in Bed" by Richard Minsky
Text and commentary by Richard Minsky. His love life in the style of the incunabula, with historiated, inhabited and illuminated initials.

Example #2

"Mad Laughter, Fragments of a Life in Progress"
Text, illustrations, facsimile documents and other visual objects along with photographs by the author and others. Scenes from his life and family history.

Shared characteristics:

[1] The text, typography and design are the work of a single author, who creates or chooses the illustrations and also prints, binds and sells the book.

[2] The book is meant to be read and looked at, but the text is main conveyor, not the art. The text is not visually obscure.

[3] It tells a story in words and images; it's not a collection of isolated pieces. The segments are at least several paragraphs long and usually take up multiple pages. If it consists of very small segments, such as poetry, they form a narrative.

[4] The layout is integrated with the story or complements it in a global way. Richard's book has an antique design that gives his very candid and explicit sexual memoir an amusing historical frame. My book is laid out like a lavish university press version of a Great Man's memoir, complete with documents from his personal papers.


* What other books like this do you know?

* Is narrative book art a recognized genre?

* Do you have any other defining characteristics to add?

* References and authorities?

* Other observations or points of interest

Many thanks for any assistance you may be inclined to offer.

-- JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501-Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts

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