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[BKARTS] paper-backed bookcloth DIY?

Hello list,

I've recently become very dissatisfied with the book cloth available to me and my budget from local art stores, and I'm wondering about making my own paperbacked book cloth. I have tried "winging it" with little success. Does any one have any resources or recommendation on how to use my own fabric to make a paperbacked book cloth?

What sort of paper/glue should i use? I find pva soaks thru the fabric and makes it look stiff and glued. I haven't tried hide glue yet but that's the next experiment. I tried some fabric scraps on typing paper, which wasn't bad but there are disadvantages to using typing paper since it's not meant to be around for a long time. Tried some thin drawing paper, but even thin drawing paper from a sketch pad was too heavy for his application.

Should I starch the back of the fabric before gluing it to the paper? (I thought of that this morning in my half awake half dreaming state right after Bob Marley was my Grandfather, lol) maybe it would keep the glue from soaking thru.

Any guidelines, advice or straight up step by step instruction would be great! Thank you!

J. Elizabeth

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