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Re: [BKARTS] Narrative books

I, too, work primarily in narrative with personally written text often prominent. See My House, Surgery, Easter Box, George's Banana, Long in Tooth, Panty Symphony, Bloodlines and others at my ancient website www.susanhenseldesign.com.

Personally written narrative is not as rare as hen's teeth, but not dominant in the artists books world. I have curated Reader's Art, a national artists book show, for 9 years now.  Artists who come to mind who use personally generated text:
Susan King
Christina deAlmeida
Ke Francis
Barbara Harman
Mary Tasillo

I'm sure there are more of us out there. As a curator, I am always looking for the "complete object" where personal content is driven by every decision. In my utopia, the perfect artists book could not tell its story without all of its elements.  I seek to make and find books where: words and image are so integrated that the story cannot communicate without either; where structure and layout have implicit meaning; where the performance of reading is a unique act that physically expands meaning.  Of course, that book only exists in my own imaginary utopia. But one can dream.

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