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Re: [BKARTS] DIY Book Cloth

I have always used wheat paste when I make book cloth. It is just a lightly cooked flour and water solution. I apply it to my paper with a wide brush, and use a brayer to roll the fabric on to get good contact and good penetration of the wheat paste through the fabric. It does bleed through the fabric, but as long as you put an even coat on, you cannot see it when the fabric is dry, and it doesn't affect the texture of the fabric at all.

My favorite backing paper is Masa, because it doesn't curl or cockle when you put the paste on. I'm sure this could be too heavy for some applications, though.

I do find that for myself, the paper backing is necessary, as it provides stability and eliminates stretch that happens when you try to directly apply fabric to a book. There's just too much manipulation for me to manage the stretch and make a nice product at the same time.

Lisa Harkins
Lisa and Scot Harkins in beautiful Greenbank, Washington, USA
lisa_harkins@xxxxxxxxxxx & scoth@xxxxxxxxxxx; http://www.bigfoot.com/~scoth

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