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Re: [BKARTS] Backing up fabric


Because silk is a traditional material, I think the traditional materials
would work the best. A thin kozo paper is quite strong because of its long
fibers, and thinner than any non-woven polyester found at the sewing store.
I use the instructions for making book cloth found in the classic, Japanese
Bookbinding (Amazon link:
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0834801965). I use wheat flour (cake
grade -- it's finer) for making the paste instead of rice starch, because
wheat flour is easier to get.

The thing about PVA is that, while it has strong adhesion, it dries very
quickly. Paste gives you more working time, which is more valuable than
strong adhesion in making book cloth.



Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida

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I am doing hand marbled silks for a client who is to make very large  
boxes for 17 photo portfolios. This fabric must be backed to make  
assembly sensible. I am  not doing this but must recommend what is to  
be done. I have backed fabric by coating paper with PVA, drying that,  
then dampening silk, rolling it in a towel to remove excess water,  
and then smoothing it on the PVA paper, and ironing it to release  
moisture and set the bond. I also have used "Stitch Witchery" fusible  
webbing to make such a bond to paper.

This project involves large pieces, 35 x 42" and needs a lightweight  
paper or non-woven poly fabric or similar material. I have seen  
bonded book cloth with what looks like a non woven backing. What can  
I use that is light but which will resist the PVA when the project is  
glued up?

Peggy Skycraft
26395 S. Morgan Rd.
Estacada, OR 97023


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