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JAB24 - The Journal of Artists' Books issue #24 is available for your
reading and viewing pleasure:


JAB24 was edited by Craig Dworkin & Kyle Schlesinger and features articles
by scholars and artists who have been working in areas where writing and art
often combine into new forms of the book. These new manifestations of the
traditional book often appear strange and unfamiliar initially and having
knowledgeable guides to lead us through them, pointing out the motivations
and progenitors of these works, benefits the field of artists' books.

"This special issue of the Journal of Artists' Books focuses on a series of
fundamental relationships-form and content; structure and material; art and
literature; the visual and the verbal; seeing and reading-and the
astonishing occasions when those relationships intersect, blur, reverse,
cancel, or come under erasure to generate a third element. One name for that
dialectical third element has been the "artist's book." At other times,
particularly in the 1960s and 70s, "experimental literature" has been
pressed into service to do similar duty (one might also think of other more
local terms, including the ungainly compounds "intermedia," "metatextual,"
and "self-reflexive"). As the rhetorical histories of the labels "artist's
book" and "experimental literature" have developed and defined-evolving into
genres of their own along different branches with shared ancestors-they seem
now to have separated to the point where one can think of them as distinct
categories, with all the potential for interaction and competition,
including healthy sibling rivalries and patterns of productive
interference." - From the introduction by Craig Dworkin and Kyle Schlesinger

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