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Re: [BKARTS] Conductors score

While I much prefer a book with folded sheets that are sewn, I understand that some scores are spiral bound. Obviously, the pages will lay flat very easily.
Also, if you are interested, Archival Products has a new binder that will allow thin spirals, such as music scores, to be bound in a hard cover --- see: www.archival.com/newsletters/apnewsvol15no2.pdf
Good Luck,
Bill Minter

On Nov 4, 2008, at 12:57 PM, Michael Rivera wrote:

I was thinking maybe 80lb or 60lb brockway or Mowhawk (if there are better options, let me know). Portrait orientation.
Still-Leaf sounds very promising, I would like to know more information, definitely.

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You did not mention the type or weight, (caliper,) of the paper or the
orientation of the text. I assume the page attachment would be at one 11
inch edge. If the weight of the paper is sufficient, say 150 to 200 gsm you
might consider a stiff-leaf binding. Stiff leafs open flat. if this appeals
to you I can go into more detail. George M, Baker


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