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[BKARTS] Fw: conducter's score

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From: George Baker 
To: wminter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 12:39 PM
Subject: conducter's score

Hi,   Apparently I had assumed too much.  I supposed the score you were asked to bind existed in print but if you are considering Mohawk paper you must be starting from scratch, in which case I would also recommend sewing through the fold to tapes or cords. However I would prefer one piece folios not hinged with other material. I notice you mentioned 60 or 80 lb. paper but did not mention paper type. Most paper marketed as 11 x 17 paper is grain long ledger paper. Occasionally it is actually 17 x11 grain short bond and seldom as heavy a 80 lb. which would be about 300 gsm. 80 lb. offset or text paper has a gsm of 116 about the same weight as 30 lb. bond. Offset is made in 25 x 38 inch mill sheets, bond and ledger in 22 x17 mill sheets and weighed in 500 sheet reams of full size sheets. This accounts for the difference of weight for paper with identical caliper.  To make folios of 11 x 17 buy full millsheets of offset or text paper which will be grain long, fold once with the grain yielding two sheets 12.5 x 38 the once  cross grain yielding four sheets 12.5 x 19.5. crop fore edge and tail to yield a signature of four sheets with eight 17 x11 pages with grain parallel to the spine.   

If you wish to use heavier paper, cover paper mill sheets are 26 x 40 and could be used with slightly  more waste.

Glodan.com is my source of full mill sheets. Dan carries paper from many mills and sells one sheet or many. Paper is shipped flat and service is excellent. I know of no other place for small lots of full mill sheets.

I hope your project goes well. George Baker

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