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[BKARTS] What has been your experience using a floor model Ideal Kuttrimmer?


I would like to know from those of you who have used the Ideal Kuttrimmer floor model what your experience has been. Have you been satisfied with it? Does the handle get "out of whack" easily? Is it easy to operate? Is it sturdy? Efficient? Depending on its use, how does the blade hold up? Is it easy to sharpen or to have sharpened?

My program (with 200 graphic design students) is considering purchasing an Ideal Kuttimmer, the 31 1/2" floor model. It's rather pricey, $1400+, plus shipping and delivery. It is manufactured by MBM Corporation and sold through Dick Blick and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The warranty does not cover wearable items, such as the blades.

It comes with a wide-angle blade that is used for cutting heavy materials such as matt board, plastic, and metal foil, cutting up to 20 sheets at a time. It has a safety guard that will protect hands and figures from getting in front of the blade. I believe college students are capable of using this trimmer unsupervised when instructors are not present.

Ours is not a book arts program; we don't have a board shearer or other heavy-duty equipment. The Kuttrimmer would be a step up from an old paper cutter we've had for years and years.

Students would use the Kuttrimmer to cut davy board, matt board and up to about 20 sheets of paper (of varying weight) at a time. I understand it is also capable of cutting plastic and foil.

What concerns me, is that in order to use it to cut board and paper, I have been told we'd need to purchase an additional blade to cut just paper, otherwise, the blade would cut it raggedly. (This blade is an additional $350.+) This would mean we (more likely the students) would have to change the blade, depending on what they want to cut.

I'm wondering if this trimmer wouldn't be more of a hassle than a valuable tool. I would appreciate your thoughts.

P.S. Searching for a trimmer on eBay is not an option. We are not allowed to purchase items in this manner.

Thank you.

Paula J. Curran
Associate Professor, Graphic Design
158 College of Design
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-3092

(515) 294 9942  voice
(515) 294 2725  fax

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