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I've had the Kutrimmer model 1071 for over 2 years and am very happy with it. It is the largest table model. It has a hand clamp instead of the foot clamp the floor models have -- easy to use, once you get the hang of it (and remove the cumbersome plastic guard). My blade has never gotten "out of whack", but I would be able to adjust it if that happened.

I used a floor model at Penland this past summer for cutting Davey board exclusively. It did a great job, and obviously gets lots of use from students.

I cut both Davey board and paper on my table model without changing the blade and have not had a problem yet. I'm thinking of purchasing a smaller model (1038) to dedicate to paper, though, since I imagine the board dulls the blade faster. (Be careful if you're looking at the smaller table models. Some don't have the hand clamp, and I hear from a friend they don't cut as evenly (she learned the hard way)).

I think it would be a major hassle to change blades depending on what you're cutting. Besides, for the price Paula quoted for a second blade, you could purchase a smaller model for cutting paper only. You'd just need to cut down parent sheets by hand first for them to fit the smaller cutter.

I learned another tip from one of my instructors: Some Kutrimmer owners eventually purchase two blades so they always have one available if they send the other for sharpening (they highly recommend Paul at Bindery Tools (www.binderytools.com). Apparently, however, you can go several years without sharpening the blade.

There is a much less expensive source than the one Paula mentioned. Look at http://www.abc-i.com/ Their prices are not listed on the web site, but they respond quickly to price inquiries. Several friends and I have used this company for our Kutrimmer purchases and are very satisfied with their service.

I hope this information helps.

Mary Jane Henley

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