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[BKARTS] 31 1/2" Kuttrimmer


I owned the exact same Kuttrimmer that you inquire about back in the mid-80's. I found it to be a terrific tool for my needs.

To give an idea of how I used the Kuttrimmer - I was making design bindings full time and teaching students (about 12, once per week for 3 hours.) I did not have a second blade, and until I read your posting, I've never heard of anyone needing or wanting one. I owned the cutter for about 6 years I think and never had it sharpened. By the time I sold it, it was still cutting just fine. Once set up correctly, it remained square and true.

The floor model Kuttrimmers are relatively inexpensive (compared to other cutters that do the same thing,) they work well and don't take up nearly as much studio space as comparable cutters. However, I would caution against acquiring a table model Kuttrimmer to do the job you describe. Though it is considerably less expensive, it is a considerably lighter machine and in my opinion, not great for cutting binder's board.

Good luck,
Don Glaister

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