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Re: [BKARTS] Kutrimmer

I suppose I can chime in, too...

I've had a Model 1080 (the smaller floor model) in my repair bindery for
about three years, and I love it.  I use it to cut davey board, hollinger
board, large paper sheets, leather, Mylar, Buckram -- everything.  I have
once had to realign the cable system underneath that operates the right-hand
fence (screw came loose with use), but it took less than two minutes under
the cutter with a screwdriver.  Mine still has its plastic safety guard, and
it doesn't get in my way.  I have, however, heard a couple of complaints
about it from shorter (the current grumbler is about 5'4") student workers.
If the blade is getting dull, I can't tell.  It doesn't get nicks in it like
the blades for my guillotine.

It is not suited for cutting stacks of paper at once.  The manual said that
it could cut up to 30 sheets of paper.  It will cut it, but the edges will
have a fine curl--especially if cut across the grain.  I never cut more than
about three sheets at a time.  If I have more to cut, I use my big
guillotine cutter.

I think that someone already mentioned this, but I also got mine at
www.abc-i.com.  It was about 15% less than all others I found.

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