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[BKARTS] 1948 Plastic Comb Binding

I have a binding challenge and I do not have a solution. Anyone with an idea?
A 1948 High School Yearbook was brought in for a quick (cheap) treatment as the plastic spiral is broken and some pages are loose and torn. The problem is that there are 21 plastic combs (teeth or fingers) on the spiral, whereas modern spirals have only 19. One might suggest cutting off the wrong size and damaged holes. However, the gutter margin is very narrow and some handwritten signatures are written between the perforations.
In the past, I have developed special binders for similar challenges, but this one is unique.
I guess one question is: Are all modern spirals of the same 19 combs, or do different manufacturers use different configurations? Are there any alternative bindings to save the handwriting in the gutter?
Bill Minter


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