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Re: [BKARTS] Copyright Question

Just a comment, in the case of artworks and according to The Practicing Law
Institute's "Art Law" (Lerner Bresner), the copyright protection extends to
"reproduction by any means, creation of derivative works, display or
distribution without explicit consent of the artist/creator" of the image.

The proposed project would be an obvious creation of a derivative work,
however I do not know if that interpretation would extend to copyright for
published books.


       Maria Arango

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> Donald Pollock writes:
> >>>Sid's response is helpful, but Charles's original question leaves
> open the possibility that he could violate copyright. For example, were
> Charles to buy 100 copies of The Lord of the Rings and re-bind them as
> the "Charles LaFountain Edition", I believe that the original publisher
> (or other copyright holder) would object.
> Well, again, no lawyer me, and yes, I suspect there might be objection,
> but I am not sure it would be upheld since is no (apparent) violation
> of the underlying monopoly right (to reproduce copies for sale). The
> British binder Philip Smith, for example, routinely builds (or built)
> "book walls" constituted from twenty or more copies of the same book. I
> suppose that if I managed to buy _all_ the published copies of a book
> with the intent of doubling the price, the original publisher might
> object and perhaps be upheld -- but s/he would likely be more
> successful by simply printing more copies and selling them at half the
> price of my "edition" -- while happily pocketing the cash I paid for my
> now more expensively priced ones.

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