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Re: [BKARTS] Copyright Question

In _New Directions in Bookbinding_ Philip Smith discusses his book wall
concept, using Tolkien's series, _The Lord of the Rings_, and this was
done with permission of Tolkien and the publisher, who provided some
sets of the books in folded sheets for binding, using Smith's patented
'Maril' leather composition.

So here we have a conjunction of copyright and patent law.


>_My_ general point in this series of postings is that of course as good
>creators we ought to protect our (copy)rights as far as necessary and
>possible; but as good consumers and re-interpreters of materials created
>by others we should exercise -- really are obliged to, should press to
>their limits -- our fair use rights.  If we fail to do the later, we loose
>them, whether we are creators or consumers and of course we are both.
>Many forces (e.g, the software, movie, and music industries) are trying to
>extend licensing agreements to what arguably might be copyrightable
>materials (and vice versa), and the creative community has much at stake
>-- on both sides.
>---- Sid Huttner

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