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Re: [BKARTS] Copyright

On 11/15/08 5:34 PM, "Tom Trusky" <ttrusky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just a query:  what if the binder takes an ordinary-unto-a-pretty book
> and makes more of it?  Makes it an artists' book, where form and content
> traipse or tango in some way that either enhances or diminishes the
> original--and/or provides an additional or entirely new reading of the
> work?

One way to find out...
> Might Melville sue, should I show Moby hit by sonar on my new leather
> binding?

Melville, no. 
Moby Dick is public domain ...and Melville is is no condition too sue.

But for works that are not, there are provisions for parody (See "Harry
Plopper" in Simpson's movie) and a single altered book is not likely to
ruffle any billionaire author's feathers.

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