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Re: [BKARTS] fish leather? not quite.....

Hello All:
I wrote to Sea Leather Wear and told them of the recent BookArts List discussion of fish leather, and asked about shipping. Here is the speedy reply I recieved from the company. I look forward to trying their product at some point. 
And also, I just want to say thank you to the people on this list who so generously share their experience and wisdom.

Best to all,
Ginger in St. Petersburg, FL

OK, here's the note, with permission granted from Sea Leather Wear to post:

Hello, Ginger:

Firstly, when ordering on the website, if the currency box is set to  
$USD, the charge for Canada Post is shown as $USD, but this is  
actually $CAD.  Prior to placing your order, if you set the currencies  
box to $CAD, you can calculate the exchange difference yourself based  
on the totals shown, into $USD or other currencies. We accept web  
transactions in either $CAD or $USD. I thank you for enquiring about  
this, and I will add a notation to the website, to clarify this.

Secondly, the currency exchange rate for the website had not been  
lately adjusted, which it now has been, to more accurately reflect the  
approximate 20% currency exchange difference between $USD and $CAD.

The Fedex discount, as described at  
http://www.sealeatherwear.com/shipping-returns-i-2.html, is primarily  
on Fedex International Priority. We can offer this because we have  
been offered the services of a bulk Fedex buyer. If you have your own  
Fedex, UPS or DHL account and the rate is more competitive, shipment  
can be on your account.

Both Canada Post Expresspost and Canada Post Expedited are trackable  
shipping services.

I hope this addresses your concerns.


Stanley Major
Sea Leather Wear
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 403-689-4701
Skype Name: sealeatherwear
email: customerservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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