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[BKARTS] New artist's journal from an iMac

Hi, everybody,
As some of you expressed interest in the specific book form "artists' journals" I thought I would send a few sample pages of my first self- published-and-bound journal that I just started selling online this week: (It's called Woods, Meadow, Creek: an artist's rambles on the Folk School's Trails, the latter referring to the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina)

When I say "self-published," I don't mean a SPOD book. I produced this (after creating the original watercolor illustrations and writing the text, of course) with a scanner and an iMac, using the photo software that came with my Canon scanner and using the Pages program on my Mac. Needless to say -- since I am primarily a painter -- the learning curve was steep, and it took me forever to figure out how to do this, but now that everything is formatted just the way I want it, I can go work in the studio or sit here answering email while my Epson printer just cranks out page after page.

Like many of you, I am excited about the opportunities that sites like Lulu and OnDemandBooks offer, and I have appreciated the info so many of you shared about these businesses. But pinch-penny and control freak that I am, I like being able to control the look of the book every step of the way and, when I'm finished, still be able to sell it at a very affordable price. And I like being able to take orders one at a time and know I can produce a book and mail it today! if need be.

If anyone wants some how-to ideas from a non-techy, feel free to contact me offline.

- Marilynn

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