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Re: [BKARTS] Vellum making on Prime Time TV


You could use brain tanned skins, but for me they
are too soft and likely to just get dirty from

If the skin were also smoked, that might be different,
since the skin would be a shade of brown.  You might
want to wash the skin a few times to reduce the smoke
smell, and you'd have to work it back to whatever state
of softness you wanted after/while it dried.

The bits of skin around the edges could be cooked
down to make hide glue, but they are the least
cleaned bits and you would have a combination of
glue, rendered fat, cooked hide meat, and a few
hairs to sort out.

It's much easier (and cleaner) to collect the material
shaved off during thicknessing and cook that down.



>Jack, are brain tanned skins not an option, or are
>they too soft for binding use?
>You also did not if mentioned the small scraps of
>otherwise usless hide can be converted to a useful
>glue, as with wascally wabbits.

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