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Re: [BKARTS] folio and quarto volume questions

Carlos -

You actually need to know the size of the parent sheet (from which the section was folded) and the number of times the sheet was folded.

For example, Audubon's Birds of America is Elephant Folio. This means the an Elephant size sheet (the name derives from the original watermark) is folded once (Folio). This will be significantly larger than one folded from a smaller parent sheet. Both are folios, but their sizes are different.

Carter's "ABC for Book Collectors" (Oak Knoll) has a very good explanation. It also explains a simplified version, which looks only at the book size, which is now commonly used.

Lehmann Bindery

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

used to indicate the approximate size of a book. These terms are derived
from the number of leaves created from a standard size sheet of paper (48 cm
x 64 cm; 19" x 25") when each signature of the book is printed.


I would like to find out what is the typical height of a folio volume and
quarto volume?

Thank you,


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