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[BKARTS] Alum Tawed goat and sculpting clay

Hello everyone. 

I've very much enjoyed the different items that have gone back and forth and everyday I learn something new. 

I have 2 items I was wondering if anyone knew about:


I wanted to know if anyone had specificlly worked with Alum Tawed Goat especially from J.Hewitt & Sons Ltd.  I hear it is much different to work with.  Am interested to know if anyone has success in foiling it at all or any embossing and how it holds. 


I'm curious if anyone knows a source of sculpting clay that can be used over a period of time (i.e. it doesn't just instantly harden in hours or a day or something) but doesn't have to be put in a kiln to harden, in that it could be hardened in some other method. 

Thanks in advance. 


Melanie von Gunten 
Bridge Publications 
4751 Fountain Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90029 


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