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[BKARTS] Bindery items for sale



I have a number of bindery items for sale, some of which are listed below. As I am selling my bindery, there are numerous additional pieces of equipment and supplies, so please ask if there is something you are looking for. All of the big or heavy items will need to be picked up (and disassembled, if necessary) by the buyer. For items such as the board shear or guillotine, I can recommend someone who is able to handle this kind of work.

1. 45" Jaques board shear
2. Guillotine
3. Various sizes of copy presses
4. Wooden antique chest of architectural drawers
   (for storing large pieces of flat paper)
5. Finishing press
6. Various other pieces of equipment, tools, and supplies

Feel free to reach me at 413-582-0021 or Laurel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you would like to see the bindery in person to see the full array of what is available, please let me know. I live in Northampton, MA.


Laurel Shortell

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