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Re: [BKARTS] Opinions about Temper Products

> Date:    Fri, 19 Dec 2008 15:57:16 -0700
> From:    David & Mary Jane Henley <maryjanehenley@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Opinions about Temper products?
> I am thinking about purchasing:
> 1. Temper casing press with backing boards and stand and
> 2. Temper plough
> http://www.temperproductions.com
> I would appreciate input from those who have experience with either of
> these products, pros and/or cons.
> Obviously, I want to be able to do backing and ploughing effectively.
> Thank you!
> Mary Jane Henley

Mary Jane,
I have both and I *LOVE* them.  I can do all of the books
I have ever wanted to do, I guess compared to others I make
small books.  I do mostly journals and binding public domain
texts.  I once forgot the plough instructions and tried to
cut the press.  Whoops!  Now I just keep binder's board in the press
to remind myself.

I don't have a problem with setting my books in the press with
the backing boards.  If I feel like I might drop a particularly thin
tome, I just turn the press and do it sideways, the stand offers
this as an option.

My husband does woodworking and his comments were that the
stand, plough and press were well thought out and perfectly
executed.  Temper Productions was a dream to work with
and I am very glad I got these tools.  You can search the
archives and see that I have said this before.  I don't have
a huge studio and I need to watch the space I take up for
my hobbies.  This set is compact, portable, easy to work with
and the plough especially is so easy to change the position
on the cutter.

You won't be sorry.

My apologies to the list.  My holiday break has taken me from
my email and made it a "catch up" type of event.


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