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Re: [BKARTS] Gauze... I'm stupid????

I also use cotton (unbleached cotton muslin and now aerocotton) instead of the light-weight "super" or "mull". One only has to look at the number of threads per inch to realize that even with the same size thread that a standard woven cloth is much stronger than the normal mull used by bookbinders.
According to a number of sources, cotton is a much better fiber for fold strength than linen. Many years ago, I compared linen and cotton in the door hinge of a grocery store. My findings were confirmed by some recent scientific testing ---- linen fabric withstood 16,000 folds, whereas a similar weight cotton withstood 90,000 folds and even a 30% lighter weight cotton withstood over 70,000 folds --- see page 239 of CONSERVATION OF LEATHER ... by Marion Kite and Roy Thomson, Butterworth, 2002.
I also learned that some fabrics have been treated with other chemicals, such as for perma-press. The cotton that I purchase is from TestFabrics where it is simply washed. They also have a new Aerocotton that is simply fantastic. Testfabrics is in West Pittston, PA 717-603-0432.
Of course, this fabric is very soft and limp, but it is readily sized to ease handling and cutting. I size with methyl cellulose (about a 3% solution of methyl cellulose A4M) that is applied to one side while the fabric is laid on a sheet of Mylar where it will dry.
Another factor to share is that I cut the (sized) cloth on the bias (diagonal), thus I feel that I more than doubling the strength of my bindings without adding any more bulk.
Just my 2-cents.
Bill Minter

On Dec 25, 2008, at 4:50 PM, Dave Allen wrote:

I use cotton broadcloth most of the time rather than linen which is so expensive. I have opened up 18th and 19th century books that used striped shirt cotton. That's what got me started on unbleached 100% cotton broadcloth.
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Jet Foncannon wrote:
I long ago gave up using the mull (super, tarlatan, crash) that is commonly sold for bookbinding. For me, it is just too flimsy.

Jim Karr wrote:

What's the difference between say, Gauze you buy for medical use and book binding? They are both 100% cotton, correct?....


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