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Re: [BKARTS] Gauze... I'm stupid????

For raised cords nothing is better than cord pulled tight across the spine next to the raised cords. After that, I really like Bill's Velcro because it is just soooooo easy to check to see how things are going... No need to unwrap the whole thing. Just lift and put back down.

As for Ace Bandages, you're right. The new stuff at CVS... is crap.


My bookbinding text recommends using Ace bandages for securing the spine, especially when installing raised bands on it. The problem is: does anyone know where to get Ace bandages anymore, the strong, elastic, infinitely reusable items that were a common occupant of medicine cabinets 20 years ago? The ridiculous flimsy things that are made of gauze and sold at CVS stores really don't do the job.


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