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If no one takes your scanner, this little guy, free, will probably put you back in business.



I have an Epson 1680 scanner with all of the connecting cables and various
carriers for different size negatives, slides, etc.  The scanner is about 4
years old and I have used it with great success for various projects.  It
works well both in reflective and transparency modes.  I have a new Mac Pro
Computer which operates in a different system and I was unable to continue
using this scanner with it.  I looked on e-Bay and these scanners are
selling for between $250 and $300.  I do not sell on e-Bay and I don't want
to get started.

I would be willing to give the scanner to anyone who wants to pick it up in
Janesville, Wisconsin, 45 miles south of Madison on the Illinois border 35
miles north of Rockford.  I want to give it to an artist (preferable a book
artist) who will use it.  I hope no one would take it who just wants to
re-sell it.

If anyone is interested, please contact me off-list by e-mail.

Jim Welker

James E. Welker
The Aubergine Studio and Bindery
2957 Dartmouth Drive
Janesville, WI 53548

Home: (608)756-1040
Fax: (608)743-2226

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