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[BKARTS] Glue pot

Can anyone on this list give me information concerning a pot for hide glue.
I presently have a Hold-Heet pot made in Chicago.  It is quite old and the
heating element has finally given out.  Talas has new ones like that for a
little over $100 for the one-quart model.

Bookmakers has a one-half liter glue pot for $28.  Because of the vast
difference in price, I was curious about what difference there is in quality
and in how they work.  I contacted Bookmakers and asked the question.  The
answer really wasn't very helpful.  They said, "We have the Swiss model for
$28."  Of course, that doesn't really help with my problem at all.

Does anyone know what the difference is between these two products.

Thanks for any help.

Jim Welker

James E. Welker
The Aubergine Studio and Bindery
2957 Dartmouth Drive
Janesville, WI 53548

Home: (608)756-1040
Fax: (608)743-2226

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