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Several years ago there was a posting of fiction reads--
books about books'

Would appreciate new recommendations.

**I very much like the bibliomysteries by Julie Kaewert - very literate: the
titles alternate in focus between rare books and book publishing. Packed
with "book info" and the plots are fairly tight - they fall into the "cozy"

**Biblio mysteries is a whole category unto itself:
for some other ideas.

**I recently read Judith Van Gieson's "Claire Reynier" series - had some
problems with the character and with the verisimilitude (she's a rare books
librarian) but they passed the time....setting is Albuquerque which is one
reason I was interested, since I lived there almost a half-century ago.
Different place now, apparently.

**I also recently read Lea Wait's "Shadows" mysteries - the protagonist in
these is a dealer in rare prints and a professor of American Social history
(which give her some latitude to lecture on the historical significance of
various prints and their artists) - what I particularly enjoyed (as an
ephemera/book dealer) were the chapter headings, each of which was a
"catalogue description" of a print. Clearly East Coast interest in prints is
far different from interest here on the West Coast...always good to get a
broader perspective. In fact, the first novel had a list of non-fiction
books of interest and I wound up ordering one on Winslow Homer engravings
for reference. (Wait herself is a rare print dealer, and the verisimilitude
in this one is sublime - especially if you have been a dealer at antiques
shows, etc. Very funny "insider" stuff sometimes.)

**Lawrence Block's "burglar" series are just fun....lots of book stuff.

**John Dunning has done several bibliomysteries....OK if you like Modern
First editions.

**Writers love to write about books - here is list of more bibliomysteries.
There are, of course, other categories of novels about books.


Good reading ....


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