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Re: [BKARTS] sewing

On Jan 10, 2009, at 12:30 AM, Alan Shalette wrote:

Please excuse my intemperate earlier message.
i'm sure I feel the same sometimes, when people post what are very basic questions in an area where I have expertise. A little levity is always appreciated by me.

I meant to suggest that you try shorter lengths of thread (easier to handle)
and use a suitable wax to help the thread behave. Agree that mastry of the
weavers knot is is a necessary skill that some find difficult to manage.

Thanks, It's interesting that some of the responses focus on the knot, others on wax. I would love to attend a proper set of classes- but distance forbids it. I intend to make Keith Smith's books top my wishlist of gifts in the future. Sadly, I have other priorities for my pay check- heat, hydro, new tires.
Will try the combo- but first need to practice the knot. Surprising in this age of colour, many of the tutorials use only one, which is far from helpful.


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