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[BKARTS] FW: [b] Monopoly Money from Digital Books

This is quite a lengthy and interesting article - click the link to read the
entire thing:

Is Google's culture grab unstoppable?
Monopoly Money from Digital Books


By Chris Castle •
Posted in Music and Media, 31st December 2008 20:54 GMT

Google dealt itself a powerful piece of the future in the proposed
settlement of the "Google Books" case in 2008.

The plaintiffs, the Authors Guild and the Association of American
Publishers, permitted Google to pay itself to build a proprietary
technology infrastructure for a "Book Rights Registry". This
effectively creates a single purpose author's society, but one that
grants licenses to one user - Google. While nominally "non exclusive",
there's little incentive for competitors - a formidable position.
Let's have a look at how Google is set to own the Digital Book.

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