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Re: [BKARTS] sewing (thread grain)

Rhonda -- Thanks for reminding me which way to thread the needle to avoid
excess kink.  I, too, was a weaver BTW. There seem to be a
disproportionate number of us among bookbinders.  : -)


-----Original Message-----
> Depending on the thread, if you hold a strand by the middle and run 
> your
> thumb and finger down both half-strands at once, one side or the 
> other will
> usually spin (a lot) more. That's the end you should thread, and the 
> end
> that spins less is the end you should knot if you're using a knot. 
> > -----Original Message-----
> > There's a rule about which end of the thread to pass through 
> > the needle's eye in order to keep kinking at a minimum. 
> > Trouble is I can't remember whether you're supposed to thread 
> > the end that you just cut or the end that had been cut the 
> > last time. ...
> >
> > Lavinia

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