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Re: [BKARTS] Linen Bookbinding Twine

It has been appropriately pointed out to me that I should be referring to
this new product as cord and not twine.  Calling the product twine is fine,
but when referenced as a bookbinding material it would historically be
referred to as cord.  In proper terminology one would not say "sewn on
raised twines" but rather "sewn on raised cords".   

The word cord also has the connotation in our minds of being of a higher
quality than twine.  Unfortunately standards are not in place for either

Confusion of terms has happened many times in the past with relation to our
field.  Another that comes immediately to mind is the confusion of vellum
and parchment.   

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Many years ago our supplier for linen twine which was available in many
thicknesses went out of business, and we were forced to settle for something
that was sub-standard than when we were used to and what our customers
wanted.  After many years of searching we have finally found a new supplier
of high quality linen twine, and stock has just arrived.  

This new twine is very soft and pliable, unwaxed, unbleached, and minimally
processed.  Linen twine is used in bookbinding for sewing on cords, where
sections are sewn onto lengths of twine which wrap around the text block
perpendicular to the sections, and used to create raised bands when leather
is applied and worked over the top.  The individual cords of the twine
separate easily for lacing into book boards, and flatten out as worked into
a cover.  

Is available in four different weights and sold in 250gm spools.  This
product is in stock and can be found on our web site here:

Aaron Salik
20 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
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