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[BKARTS] Secretary of the Arts

HI, Signa!
I guess my question is?how do we get more recognition/help (as well as
funding) for all the artists who are creating their arts and enriching
society?  How do we get this influence/help for the agencies that are doing
the good works for the arts, including non-profits, government agencies on
the local and state level, and certainly agencies such as the NEA/NEH.  How
do we get the general public to understand the importance of the arts?  Is
there something more that the arts communities need and absolutely deserve
that we don¹t have now?  Is it just that more of our national legislative
and executive branch members need to be educated to realize that more
support for the arts is good for them personally?  Whose voices can get
through to them?  I¹ve applied for grants in a variety of areas in my
professional and avocational lives and always found that there are many
deserving individuals and organizations and not enough funding to go around.
I've noticed in choral music, at least, that some other countries provide
far more national support to various choral programs than we do.   That¹s
why I thought a Secretary/Minister might be one more voice to demand what
the arts deserve.
Helene Whitson
Special Collections Librarian/Archivist Emerita
Founding Curator Emerita, San Francisco Bay Area Television Archives
San Francisco State University Library

Helene Whitson
President, San Francisco Lyric Chorus
Co-Author, San Francisco Bay Area Chorus Directory
Founder, San Francisco Bay Area Choral Archive
1824 Arch Street
Berkeley, California  94709

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