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[BKARTS] Bookmakers vs. Talas vs. Hewit



Age old conundrum appears at my feet once more.   I want to order new
finishing presses actually Hewit's #6 is more along the lines of a Holding
Press to the older generation, so I go to Hewit's website to get an idea of
what is what with the shape and appearance of their presses these days.  

Same as they ever were.  #5 and #6; Laying Press, Plough and Tub, but Hewit
claims Talas is their US distributor.  

So I go to the Talas website to see what the prices are on Hewit presses.
Except the presses Talas offers under Bookbinding supplies are nothing like
the presses Hewit produces.  This bothered me to say the least,  especially
when Hewit practically recommends Talas as the place to buy their equipment.

I know Bookmakers carries the Hewit line, the whole bleeding lot of it.
Even with the new owners, they stock and carry Hewit among others in the way
of small wooden equipment .

Talas has a flashy catalog and better prices than Bookmakers but bookmakers
is a small enterprise where Talas is the Wal-Mart of Bookbinding and
Conservational supplies.  

Who is better?  It is a matter of choice really and preference,  I like
Bookmakers, but I can't pass up some of the bargains that Talas passes on.  

It's a conundrum, though, if Talas doesn't carry the Hewit line someone
should tell A.J. and have him look into it.  And if Bookmakers stocks the
complete line of Hewit wares then there should be no doubt as to who is or
who ought to be the US distributor.   

But then again maybe Talas distributes the Hewit Line but doesn't sell it
themselves, which is dumb.   

I don't know but  I do care, give credit where credit belongs. 


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