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Re: [BKARTS] Secretary for the Arts

Hey Paul -

I strongly and respectively disagree with your premise that the Arts belong to elite society. Maybe I'm thinking of arts with a small a, and maybe my perspective from a small rural community is different from yours in Manhattan (although we travel quite a bit and I don't think of myself as provincial), but I don't think that the transformative experiences that can come from viewing and making art belong to a social class. I suspect that most people working in "boots on the ground" community based arts organizations would agree. The teens we work with in our after-school program, most of whom come from families where the idea of visiting a museum was very foreign to them until recently, are very aware of Obama. I've got to believe that as an enormously popular national figure Obama's going to be able to effectively communicate the message to people up and down the social ladder that making art is valuable work.

all the best,

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR
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