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Re: [BKARTS] Secretary for the Arts

It's a good discussion, but let's not spend too much time bumping up our own
importance. I'm hoping Obama's administration will be able to deal with the
real issues in the world in the first term, then maybe in his second term be
so far forward as to be able to take some time with these peripherals. In a
healthy society we all stand a chance of working with our artistic
potential, but I'd rather not put the cart before the horse, especially
since the horse needs a lot of feeding at the moment.

Graham Moss
Incline Press
36 Bow Street
Oldham OL1 1SJ  England


On 15/1/09 16:23, "Roberta Lavadour" <paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm not sure I'm on board yet with the appointment of a Secretary of the
> Arts, but am very pleased to see this discussion taking place across the
> country. In my other life as an arts administrator we're always working to
> raise consciousness about the arts and socialize kids and families to the
> idea of including art (museum visits, viewing public art pieces, making art,
> buying art) in their lives. Grants to artists to make art are important, but
> building an audience by helping to change the culture of families so that
> communities see art as valuable (not in the monitary sense) is the larger
> goal. I think Obama is in a great position to break the perception that the
> arts only belong to elite society.
> all the best,
> Roberta
> Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR
> Mission Creek Press  -  Desultory Press
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com

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