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[BKARTS] An apology to Talas, Hewit and the List


You know,  I have this habit of simply sticking my foot in my mouth and
saying thing which  I latter regret, my post about Talis being the Wal-Mart
of the Bookbinding Supply world is and will remain one of them.   

I simply respect and adore what Talis has and instead of referring to them
as a Wal-Mart perhaps I should have chosen a better analogical commercial
example like L.L.Bean or maybe even Cabela's, as those places are specialty
houses and Talis is most definitely a Specialty House.  And I have
downloaded the majority of Talis' catalogue, and I am planning within the
next few months to order quite a few things from Talis just as long as they
are open to my doing so.   

And of all the folks I feel I offended most it was Frank Lehmann and I
really didn't mean or want to and I am sorry that I offended him and every
on the list who took my post to heart and soul. 

In the Jewish tradition we try to treat others as we ourselves would like to
be treated.  Well, apparently, I didn't do that, and I was catty and a
little more than mean towards Talis than I intended to be, I am sorry for
that as well. 

And my presumptiveness over Hewit's #6 press was allayed when David Lanning
wrote me to say that his woodworker was working on producing more of them as
they were currently out of stock.

And I thank Aaron and Jake Salik for their replies and I will be in touch,
but as is said in Yiddish: Mit Shayne Danke, but keep Shabbos, so off I go.

Lastly though, I am sorry for offending more that just those mentioned,
Bookmakers is a fine company, but so too and exceedingly so is Talis, and
Hewit, they are simply themselves doing what they do in the most exemplary
form possible.  

Gut Shabbos everyone, even to the non-Jewish list members we all need a day
on which to rest and give thanks on. 

R. John Miller

Baltimore, MD


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