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[BKARTS] Judith Hoffberg


It is with enormous sadness that I received the news of Judith's passing. I spoke with her shortly after she had begun at-home hospice care. She was, as always, feisty and irreverent, and concerned that the various projects she was responsible for would be provided for and would be able to continue (one of these is the Books2Eat website, if anyone is interested in following up).

It is impossible, of course, to imagine the world without Judith. She seemed indestructible and essential to so many people.

We became friends when I began Colophon Page online in 1995 and she was a dependable resource for many, many years. Umbrella had its early online life via this website.

I was always amazed at the amount of information that Judith devoured and digested and filtered into Umbrella. She provided a unique accounting of the most avant garde and obscure trends in the world of book arts, mail arts, and works on paper. She was, moreover, dedicated to the arts in all their variety. When she visited NYC she would drag me to unusual performances I would never have made it to on my own.

Somehow, she managed to travel relentlessly on top of her other obligations. She seemed, simply, indefatigable.

I share with so many people on this list a deep love and appreciation. I will miss her, but she will not fade from the scene. It would not be like her.

Jim Wintner

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